Accredited Day Care Centre 

The Camrose Children's Centre's Licensed and Accredited Day Care Centre offers age-appropriate rooms that provide specialized care for one-year old's to school-aged children.  The Centre includes a large indoor gym and outdoor play area for structured and free play in any weather.  The children are provided with a hot meal and two nutritious snacks each day.
The Day Care Educators create weekly activity plans that include story telling, music, seasonal arts and crafts.  Also, activities such as make-believe play are included to ensure each child has an opportunity to interact with others thereby nurturing healthy social development.
The Camrose Children’s Centre follows a “learning through play” approach to child care.  Curiosity and an eagerness to learn come naturally to young children, and when at play, they exhibit intense concentration and motivation.
Children develop through similar stages at individual rates.  Our programs are designed to provide learning experiences that meet individual as well as group needs of children from birth to school age.
We believe a secure environment encourages children to explore and experiment with their surroundings without fear of failure.  This helps develop feelings of being capable and competent.
Educators plan and implement a programs designed to meet the developmental needs of all children in their care.  A combination of self-initiated and structured activities allow children to experience a range of appropriate experiences and interactions that help them learn new skills and practice familiar ones.  Educators guide and encourage children while allowing them a variety of choices.  They help the children to extend play experiences.
The day care program helps identify children with special needs and gives support to their families by providing additional help to ensure they develop to their full potential.