Accredited Family Day Homes

Family Day Home Care is commonly defined as the non-parental care of a child/children for any part of a twenty-four hour day in a home setting.  But this definition does not convey the importance of the individual service being provided to families who use it or the very personal nature of the Camrose Children's Centre's "Family Day Homes”.
A Family Day Home is much the same as your own home.  The provider offers the children a safe, caring environment where they can learn social and developmental skills in a small group setting.  The size of the group (no more than six children, including providers children) allows for individual, as well as group attention.
The providers are required to possess a valid First Aid in Child Care certificate, as well as participate in ongoing training through workshops and seminars, which are offered throughout the year.   These cover such topics as child development stages, nutrition, behavior management, etc.  Some of our workshops are also open for parents. These opportunities are detailed in our monthly and/or quarterly newsletters.
The Family Day Home is a home environment, where providers facilitate learning through involvement in the child’s play, encouragement of her/his efforts, and providing necessary items that develop curiosity and learning, such as toys, books, etc.
A child’s day may include a trip to the grocery store, a walk in the park, feeding the ducks at the lake, etc.  It is a relaxed, easy-going pace, which encourages children to feel “at home”.
Each provider and each Family Day Home is different, and we will assist you in determining the one you select suits your needs and needs of your child(ren). 
An approved Family Day Home is a monitored home in your community that is screened by our agency.  Providers follow provincial standards for space, toys, and nutrition requirements in a healthy, stimulating environment for your child.  Family Day Home providers are warm, mature individuals who have enthusiastically chosen a career in childcare.
Our program offers flexible hours and personalized care for infants, toddlers, and children from birth to 12 years.  Families are asked to meet with the Family Day Homes Coordinator to assist with placement in the program.

Parent Participation
Ongoing communication is important to us and we welcome the input from day home families anytime.   We encourage you to explore your child’s world when the opportunity arises.  The Camrose Children's Centre's Family Day Homes are open and accessible to parents/guardians who are participants of the program during working hours.  On occasions such as birthdays, you may want to make a special visit, or join your child for lunch.  Advise your provider in the case of such an event and they will be pleased to assist you.

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Family Day Home Coordinator- Camrose Children's Centre
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