Policies & Procedures for Day Care



Camrose Children’s Centre is a quality children’s center within the Camrose community.  We believe that all the children have the right to quality care within an inclusive setting. Children with special needs are included in regular classroom routine and activities as much as their ability allows. We do this by adapting our environment and referring to Inclusive Child Care to make this a success. Primary staff as well as any others we treat a child with special needs the same as the other children in their care with adaptations to support inclusion.

We understand that children come from different backgrounds, cultures, religions and have different abilities and as such our program needs to reflect any adjustments needed to accommodate these children and their needs.

This can be shown in many ways, for example, if a child has a dietary restriction, then we can adjust our menu to allow for this child to be obtaining what is required according to the Canada Food Guide.  Another example would be if a child had any physical exceptionality, then our individual rooms would make adjustments to allow for this child to meet their developmental milestones, or what has been a requirement through their individual program plans (IPP).

We believe that each child has the right to child care in an inclusive setting, and therefore, we are creating our program to accommodate this.


Termination of Care or Vacation Notice

Every effort will be made to accommodate all children, however, once admitted, should a child require care that cannot be adequately given by Centre staff or facility, the parent will be requested to make alternate arrangements within one month of notification.  The Executive Director will make this decision.

Two weeks notice, in writing, must be given to the Centre when withdrawing your child from the program.  By giving this notice, your fees for the month can be reduced.  If notice is not received, the parents will be charged for the time they would have normally used for the two weeks according to the "Service Required" section of the registration form.