Policies & Procedures for Day Care


Children with Special Needs

Children with special needs are included in regular classroom routine and activities as much as their ability allows. Aides are hired through the Battle River Regional Division to work with and help develop the skills they need.  The aides work closely with the other professionals involved in preparing the Individual Program Plan for the child.  They also work with the child care staff in planning activities that will encourage integration.

Primary staff, as well as the aides, are trained to meet the needs of all of all children in their care.  Supervision and duties can be shared, except when the aide is working one-on-one with the child, or in a small group developing specific skills that need more attention than usual. 

Termination of Care or Vacation Notice

Every effort will be made to accommodate all children, however, once admitted, should a child require care that cannot be adequately given by Centre staff or facility, the parent will be requested to make alternate arrangements within one month of notification.  The Program Director will make this decision.

Two weeks notice, in writing, must be given to the Centre when withdrawing your child from the program.  By giving this notice, your fees for the month can be reduced.  If notice is not received, the parents will be charged for the time they would have normally used for the two weeks according to the "Service Required" section of the registration form.