Staffing and Safety 

All staff who work directly with the children, and are counted in the child/staff ratio for any period of time, are certified at level 1, 2 or 3 through Day Care Staff Qualifications.  This means that all these staff members have received training in Early Childhood Development.
In order to ensure the safety and well being of the children at the centre, all day care staff and personnel are required to provide evidence of a satisfactory criminal record check prior to their employment, and every two years thereafter.  All staff must also supply to the Director a satisfactory Child Welfare Information System check.
All staff are expected to have a current first Aid in Childcare Certificate, which includes Infant and Child CPR training.
Staff are directly supervised by the Director and evaluated annually.  The Director and staff member each do an evaluation and then meet to compare them.  Training needs are discussed at this time and goals for each individual are set.
Day Care Director Involvement 

The Director visits the rooms throughout the day to play with children, talk with staff and keep an eye on programming, etc.  You can e-mail her at with any questions or concerns that you have or call her at 780-672-0131.


Child Care Workers
The Child Care Workers are responsible for planning and implementing a developmental program of activities age appropriate and geared toward meeting the needs of the children in their care.  The number of childcare workers varies with the number of children enrolled.  The role of the staff members in the rooms is to set up the room to include the basic learning centres in an appealing way.  They must plan and implement a learning program of experiences and activities designed to meet the needs of the children in their care.  They provide a balance of active and quiet times, indoor and outdoor, individual and group activities.  They interact with the children throughout the day, moving them from one activity to the next as non-intrusively as possible.  The help extend the children’s play and introduce new centre, etc. when they feel it is appropriate.  They also supervise and help work out differences, upsets and hurt feelings etc.  Staff greet children and parents on arrival at the centre, and at pick up time, chat with parents and pass on information about activities or happenings during the day.
Goals and Objectives of the Day Care Program 
Goals for the Child
1.    To provide opportunities for children to interact with peers and adults in a setting conducive to the development of social relationships.
2.    To provide opportunities for meaningful play that is based on the child’s individual needs, interests, handicaps and abilities. This will build important foundations for daily skills, and positive growth and development.
3.    To provide a safe environment that will encourage exploring and experimenting.
4.    To provide opportunities for development of both fine and gross motor skills.
5.    To provide opportunities for creativity by supplying materials and ideas that will stimulate the child to create.  It is also a time to recognize and grow with children’s ideas and skills.
Goals for the Parents
1.    To provide opportunities to meet and work with other parents and staff who have, as their common goal, the interests and needs of the pre-school child.
2.    To provide safe and loving care for their children while the parents pursue their own work or other interests.
3.    To work, in a supportive role, as closely as possible with the parents in all categories of daycare programming for the necessary well being of the child and family.
4.    To act as a resource for parents by sharing childcare knowledge and helping connect them with appropriate community agencies as families may require.